Fall 2017

      September 9-10  NJ Senior Olympics 
  September 13  Middlesex County Walk 
  October 30, November 6 and 13         Brunswick Square Mall Series in East Brunswick 
  November 13  Edison and Metuchen Senior Visit at Rutgers
  December 2  Holiday Party at Chelsea Assisted Living in East Brunswick 



November 13 - Senior Center Visit to Rutgers

On November 13, the Center for Exercise and Aging at Rutgers University invited seniors from the Metuchen Senior Center, Puerto Rican Association for Human Development, and the Perth Amboy Senior Center for an afternoon of fun and activities at the Cook Student Center.  The event was largely run by undergraduate students in the Exercise and Aging course.  Dr. Susan Kaplowitz, Director of the Center, talked about the importance of exercise for older adults and how exercise can function as medicine.  Seniors then participated in various warm up dances led by students.  Throughout the whole event, seniors were given the opportunity to go to various tables and learn about different health topics such as mind games, cardiovascular endurance, dexterity and strength training from the students.  At the conclusion of the afternoon, prizes were raffled off to the seniors.  We would like to congratulate our Course Assistant Mike on a fantastic job organizing the new senior centers' visit and to thank George, an alum of the Department of Kinesiology and Health, a DJ who coordinated music for the event.



October 30, November 6 and 13 - Brunswick Square Mall Series in East Brunswick

The Center for Exercise and Aging hosted a free 3-part educational series titled "RU Fit?" at the Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ.  The event was sponsored by Mana Physical Therapy.

The first day of the event was focused on the different modes of fitness and was presented by Dr. Susan Kaplowitz, Director of the Center for Exercise and Aging.  Exercises were led by Kathi Gladis, exercise specialist and faculty member of the Rutgers University Department of Kinesiology and Health.

The second session was on balance and was presented by Dr. Emil Manfredonia, licensed physical therapist and faculty member of the Rutgers University Department of Kinesiology and Health.

The third session was on exercising at home and was presented by Dr. Kaplowitz and Catalina Chesney, Assistant Program Director of the Center for Exercise and Aging.  Exercises were led by Kim LoSacco, Regional Director and Fitness Instructor for LA Fitness, with over 30 years of experience.

Rutgers University undergraduate students tabled, demonstrated and presented on these topics as well at all three sessions.

Thank you to Mana Physical Therapy for their sponsorship and the Brunswick Square Mall - especially to Claire, Sharon, Anthony and Alejandro for their tremendous help with this series.


Enjoy this CentralJersey.com article about the series at the Brunswick Square Mall hosted by the Center for Exercise and Aging.


Reflections by the Center for Exercise and Aging Director - Dr. Susan Kaplowitz

The Exercise and Aging classes had an exciting start to the Fall, 2017 school term.

On September 9 and 10, my two Exercise and Aging classes helped out at the NJ Senior Games in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Each fall class has done this for the last 8 years. 1000 senior citizens from 50 to 104 participated in these Games. Special recognition was given to two NJ Senior Athletes who had participated in these games continuously for more than 30 years. One was a man of 104 who was a bocce expert and the other was a 94 year old women bowler.

Sports included were billiards, mini golf, bocce, basketball, horseshoes, swimming, darts, pickle ball, cycling, corn hole, softball, tennis, volleyball archery, track and field, fencing, bowling and golf.

The students supervised in a variety of venues-swimming, volleyball, pickle ball and track and field. I myself helped out in basketball and observed one gentleman- age 65- shoot 19/20 foul shots. I talked to him later (Ed Bratten) and he told me that he played on a basketball team each week as well as playing tennis each week. I asked him what advise he would give to my young students in order to be as physically fit and active as he is at 65. He said find a sport you love and continue it throughout life, eat right and do a lot of cardio!!!! I actually participated myself shooting 9/20 foul shots. Not bad!!

On September 13, my classes had three “station” tables at the Middlesex Department of Aging Walk. This is our eighth year participating in this Program held at Roosevelt Park in Edison, New Jersey. At these tables the students led various activities including balance, dexterity and coordination games as well as provided educational materials to the participants. We also manned the walking route- assisting those seniors who needed it, gave out water, etc. Finally, we led the warm-ups for the 600 older adults and helped organize the lunches and raffles.


September 13 - Middlesex County Walk

On September 13, at the Middlesex Walk for Senior Citizens at Roosevelt Park, Edison, New Jersey, the students from the Exercise and Aging classes - from the Department of Kinesiology and Health, Rutgers University - explained and demonstrated various modes of exercise, including agility, cardiovascular endurance, balance and dexterity. One of the most popular events was the balance test. After the older adults participated at our tables, the students helped those seniors who needed it do the walk. The students also helped with a raffle. Overall, this intergenerational Program was a big hit both for the students and the older adults alike. We had 30 students from Rutgers and there were about 650 older adults. This is the Center’s eighth year in participating in this Program.



September 9-10 - NJ Senior Olympics

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