Fall 2018

Sat, Sept 8th - Sun, Sept 9th    NJ Senior Games (9am-3pm)
Wednesday, Sept 26th  Middlesex Walk (9am-1pm)
Monday, Oct 29th  Pennrose Independent Living Visit - New Brunswick (2:15pm-3:35pm)
Saturday, Nov. 3rd  Chelsea Assisted Living Visit - East Brunswick (10am-12pm)
Thursday, Nov. 29th  Monroe Village Assisted Living Visit (9:15am-10:35pm)
Saturday, Dec 1st  Sunrise Assisted Living Visit - East Brunswick (1:30pm-3:30pm)
Wednesday, Dec 5th  Piscataway Senior Center 


Sept 8, 9 - NJ Senior Games

The New Jersey Senior Games was an event that took place this year on September 8-9. Students from Dr. Kaplowitz’s Exercise and Aging course came in as volunteers for this event and they could all agree that it was a magnificent event to be a part of. Although the weather was unexpectedly dreary, the 1,500 participants from all over the state did not let it stop them from going for gold! From keeping score for Bocce Ball pros to listening to Toby “The Terror” Santoro’s inspirational story, the Senior Games was a testament to how a passion for fitness can truly transform lives for the better.


Sept 26 - Middlesex Walk

On September 26th, 2018, Dr. Kaplowitz’s Exercise and Aging course attended the annual Middlesex Senior Health and Fitness Walk at Roosevelt Park in Edison, NJ. The event consisted of tabling, free health screenings and wellness information, and entertainment following the walk. Students from this course had a variety of activities planned for the older adults ranging from fitness assessments to balancing tests to various other games and activities. Intergenerational programs such as the Middlesex Walk allow students the opportunity to engage with the geriatric population, which will serve them well as many of them plan to go into fields such as physical therapy, sports medicine, etc.


Oct 29 - Pennrose Independent Living Visit

On October 29, the students from Dr. Kaplowitz's Exercise and Aging class attended Pennrose Square right in the heart of New Brunswick. This facility is an apartment style complex that helps keep mobility and freedom in the lifestyle for seniors. A total of 18 students provided the seniors with educational sessions in a fun environment. The event was set as an open platform with members of the center manning a table each with different topics. The tables consisted of upper and lower body fitness assessments, physical and mind games, and health information. With the fitness assessments, each table allowed the seniors to test their own physical fitness levels, many being surprised how physically capable they actually were. The games stations allowed seniors to get involved in physical and mental exercise working on all facets of their health. The information table helped to bring light to the importance of exercise and health as we age, emphasizing the ability of seniors to still get healthy even in advancing ages. This program provided a smaller, more intimate environment for the participants due to the smaller size of the venue. Due to this all the members of the program, student and participants, really helped to create a bond and memories that will last a lifetime.



Nov 3 - Chelsea Assisted Living Visit

On November 3rd, Dr. Kaplowitz's Exercise and Aging class organized an event at Chelsea Assisted Living in East Brunswick, NJ that was a huge success, with the help of a course assistant and 17 students who were dedicated on making this event memorable for the seniors. The program started with a warm-up session of Tai-Chi, which is a holistic approach to wellness incorporating the mind, body, and spirit. Then the seniors were divided into several groups to take part in activites happening in different rooms and floors of the facility. During this two-hour event, the students rotated from three floors and got to experience how to host a program first-hand. The students interacted with seniors in the second floor, the intense memory care unit (IMCU), which has more physically independent seniors, as well as seniors on the third floor, there are seniors with severe memory conditions. The activities included trivia games, bingo, nail polishing, and simply talking with the seniors. Overall, the seniors had a very exciting time and the students had a rewarding learning experience. We are thankful that the seniors were appreciative of our efforts to make it a memorable experience. 


Nov 29 - Monroe Village Assisted Living Visit

On November 29, the students from Dr. Kaplowitz's Exercise and Aging class held an event for the residents of Monroe Village in Monroe Township, NJ. Monroe Village is a Continuing Care facility, with access to adult retirement homes, an assisted living and nursing home. The 9:30 - 11 AM event had 13 students and 25 resident participants. The first part of the program consisted of fitness assessment tabling in areas such as balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Students also ran games for the residents such as a trivia bean bag toss and bowling. The second half of the program consisted of a Chair Exercise Bingo game, where students helped the residents perform chair-friendly exercises, and Tai Chi. Bingo and raffle prizes were also held for the residents. Overall, the event was a success for both the students and residents. Not only did everyone have a morning filled with exercise but also meaningful conversations and interactions. 


Dec 1 - Sunrise Assisted Living Visit



Dec 5 - Piscataway Senior Center

On December 5th, the students of Dr. Davis' Exercise and Aging class held a Bingocize event at Piscataway Senior Center and it was a success! There was a great turnout and the room was full of individuals who excitingly participated in the activity while getting their bodies moving through the exercises. A great deal of the students had fun and interacted with the seniors themselves as they did arm circles, back kicks, heel raises and so on. The students conducted the exercises the entire time, applying everything they have learned in class in order to give the seniors an exciting time. Overall, it was a great day spent at the Piscataway Senior Center and we are looking forward to go back in the near future!