Spring 2019

Wednesday, March 27th   Adult Coloring @ Piscataway Senior Center
Saturday, April 6th  Parker at Stonegate
Monday, April 8th  Bingocize @ North Brunswick Senior Center
Wednesday, April 10th  South River Senior Center
Thursday, April 11th  Spotswood Senior Center
Monday, April 15th  Adult Coloring @ North Brunswick Senior Center
Saturday April 13th  Monroe Village Assisted Living
Wednesday, April 17th  Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Wednesday, April 24th  Bingocize @ Piscataway Senior Center


April 17 - Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

On Wednesday, April 17th, Dr. Kaplowitz’s Exercise and Aging students visited Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ). During the lunch hour, Rutgers Cancer Institute physicians, scientists, and faculty immersed themselves in various activities planned by the undergraduate students. In order to “put the fun into fitness,” the students demonstrated the use of tactile manipulatives in one’s home, conducted various fitness assessments, and provided information on health and wellness.


April 13 - Monroe Village Assisted Living

The intergeneration program at Monroe Village, Monroe Township was held on April 13th from 10AM-11:30AM. There were 31 students and around 34 residents participating. The first part of the morning consisted of an introduction from the Center of Exercise and Aging and a dancing warm up. Next, the students were in charge of tabling with different activities such as brain and mind games, arts and crafts, tactiles, bowling, bean bag toss and a wiffle ball catch. Here students learned to be involved with the senior population while incorporating knowledge from the class such as the modes of fitness and chronic conditions common in the elderly. The last segment of the program was a relay race amongst the seniors. Here we had them perform a variety if functional activities applicable to real life and fitness, like ball twists, ball squeezes, and putting on a hat and tie. We concluded the program with a brief stretching and breathing exercise. At the end of the day, both the students and senior had an eventful spring field day filled with conversation and fun.


April 11 - Spotswood Senior Center 

On Thursday, April 11th, Dr. Kaplowitz’s Exercise and Aging students visited Spotswood Senior Center. The event took place in the morning and began with a simple Tai-Chi routine as a warm-up to allow the seniors and students to loosen their muscles and joints. Afterwards, students broke up into their respective groups (i.e, Socializing/crafts, cognitive, balance/coordination, strength, and fitness/wellness). Seniors were given the chance to engage in various activities to help different aspects of their bodies. In addition, seniors were informed of the benefits of doing such activities on a daily basis and how to modify certain exercises to best suit their needs. In the end Tai-Chi was performed as a cool down to regroup the seniors and conclude the marvelous program. From this intergenerational program we learned that age is just an arbitrary number and it doesn’t define the abilities of any individual.


April 10 - South River Senior Center

On April 10, 2019, the students of Dr. Kaplowitz’s Exercise and Aging class traveled to the South River Office on Aging in Middlesex County. A total of 18 students participated in making an event memorable for the seniors. The first part of the program consisted of fitness assessment tabling in areas that tested senior’s balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and mental health. Students made their own activities and handouts for seniors who were interested in learning how each area improved their health and wellness and the importance to remain healthy even as you age. The second half of the program consisted of a Chair Exercise Bingo game where seniors and students performed chair-friendly exercises for prizes. Overall, the seniors and students had a blast doing some afternoon exercises while having thoughtful and meaningful conversations with each other.

April 6 - Parker at Stonegate