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The Class


The first Exercise and Aging class was held in 2002. It was obvious from the beginning that a lecture or even a class interactive participation base was not enough. For students to truly understand the dynamics of an older population beyond their own family members, access to seniors had to be an integral part of this course. Therefore, I brought my own clients to these first few classes and I also enlisted the support of the Director of Aging from my hometown of East Brunswick to bring groups of senior citizens to Rutgers and for my students to visit their Center.

The class is a 300 level elective course offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Health. In 2012, Dr. Robell (Nagle) began teaching a section and taught it for 4 years. In the Fall of 2016, Dr. Davis, a Ph.D in Exercise Gerontology began teaching a section. Today, this course is one of the most popular of the Department’s elective classes. There are now 3 sections each term as well as a summer session, thereby affording more students the opportunity to learn about and work with the older population. 



Course Objectives:

  1. To understand the physical, psychological and demographic characteristics of the older population.
  2. To understand the beneficial effects of exercise on the conditions associated with aging.
  3. To formulate guidelines for exercise in working with the diversity of the older population.
  4. To discuss and implement types of exercise programming.
  5. To discuss about professional opportunities in the field of gerontology/geriatrics.
  6. To gain experience in professional presentations.
  7. To participate with the "studied population", i.e. senior citizens.

Topical Areas:

  1. What is Aging?
  2. Physical Aspects of Aging
  3. Physical Assessment of Older Adults
  4. Program Considerations in Working with Older Adults
  5. Exercise and Chronic Conditions
  6. Training/Teaching of older Adults
  7. Professional Preparation
  8. Competitions/Awards/Travel Programs
  9. Popular and Effective Senior Programs
  10. Marketing a Senior Exercise Program